Harney County Oregon Bare Lands For Sale

707 Ponderosa Village , Burns, Oregon, 97720


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MLS: 36102-00005

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What You Should Know

  • Numerous Acreage Sizes

  • Bare Lands

  • Numerous Price Ranges

  • Numerous Locations

  • Knowledgeable Team

  • Diverse Landscape

  • Eastern Oregon

  • Harney County

Why You'll Love It

Harney County Oregon Bare Lands For Sale

Harney County has a diverse landscape and here at Jett Blackburn Real Estate we offer a number of different bare land options - our bare lands listings come in numerous acreage sizes, price ranges, and locations.

Property boundaries for sale on the map are outlined in RED with a short description of the acreages and listing price noted above the property. 

Additionally, the attached Blackburn Bare Lands document (linked below) provides additional information about the property you may be interested in.  On the map, and in the document, a letter ( i.e A) or number (i.e. 2) at the beginning of this short description corresponds to the information outlined in the document.

Parcels that are sale pending have a red SALE PENDING box on the PDF that has information on these bare land parcels.

All this said, if you have questions please contact our knowledgeable team of eastern Oregon lands experts for more information about a particular piece of ground that has captured your imagination!

Eastern Oregon Lands Experts: 

Curt Blackburn 

Colby Marshall

Jake Blackburn


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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: 707 Ponderosa Village
  • City: Burns
  • State: Oregon
  • County: Harney


Curt Blackburn

Principal Broker

Colby Marshall

Principal Broker
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Jake Blackburn

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