Understanding the Value of Your Agriculture Land Real Estate Holdings

February 20, 2023

Evaluating the real estate value of a working ranch or farm is a more complex process than most any other type of real estate.

Hello Everyone! 

If you are in ranching/farming, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your agriculture land real estate needs.  As we know, evaluating the real estate value of a working ranch or farm is a more complex process than most any other type of real estate.  No two ranches or farms are ever exactly alike.  There are numerous items to consider in determining the value of working lands such as livestock carrying capacity, crops, water rights, infrastructure, federal land permits, state leases, access and easements, and wildlife issues just to name a few.  In addition, government decisions can, and do, play a significant role in the current and long-term property values.  Just this past January at the Oregon Cattleman’s Association annual meeting in Pendleton, I had the opportunity to present information to attendees about how to evaluate agricultural land values.  I know these issues very well and welcome the opportunity to help you work through the process, regardless of if you are selling, buying, or needing a price opinion for transitional planning.  

As background, I was born in Burns, Oregon, and raised on my family’s still-operating multi-generational high desert cattle ranch.  After graduating from Burns High School, I completed my degree in Agriculture Business Management from Oregon State University-Eastern Oregon University.  College classes led to an interest in public land policy followed by a decade of work for Oregon in the United States Congress.  After my work in the government, I wanted to be back in production agriculture and was hired as Vice President of one of the largest ranches in eastern Oregon, managing all aspects of livestock operations from production to marketing, dealing with permits on federal lands and state water rights issues, and helping to grow an eco-resort.  In 2020, I started my own real estate company, partnering with Jett Blackburn Real Estate in Burns, focusing on helping people buy and sell ranches, farms, and recreational, commercial, and residential properties in eastern Oregon.

Here is a link to the PowerPoint Presentation that I put together for the Oregon Cattlemen (Colby Marshall OCA Ag Land Evaluation Presentation)

If you have questions related to your eastern Oregon real estate, I welcome the chance to help!  Please call me direct at 541-589-2247 or email colby@jettblackburn.com.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my note and have a great day!